Left Out

It is normal for photographers to be out of the pictures during events. This hobby is like a double edged sword. You get to capture the moment, but you won’t be able to see yourself there. This is why I like traveling with someone who likes to take pictures (like my mom). I get to capture the scene with me in it too.

Earlier today, there was a surprise party for my boss. (like most celebrations, I was asked to bring my camera along) In the middle of the celebration, they decided to get a group picture and have it framed as a gift. I felt sad that they didn’t even consider getting another person outside the team to take the picture (instead of me). I had to inform them that I am also part of the team before they decided to get someone else to hold my camera.

Moon’s Reflection

I have a thing with watching the moon and the night sky. I feel some kind of mystery whenever I look above at night. I really don’t know why though.

While walking home, I decided to walk to the side of Rockwell to check out the moon. Looking down on the river, I saw the moon’s reflection. took this shot because it’s not often that I get to see the moon’s reflection over Pasig River with the Rockwell mall in sight.

Early Home

I went home earlier than usual today. I had an emergency that I need to do. I am planning to work ‘till midnight today that’s why I asked permission to leave early and just decided to go back to the office after I am finished with my emergency.

Nothing really important. It’s just it’s been a while since I last seen my window with some light that is coming from the outside. I usually go home late because of work or other activities. I think this was the first time I actually went home by 5:00pm. Sadly I had to go back.

Supermoon Excitement

Everyone is so excited about the supermoon. Even my mom texted me asking if I will be waiting for it. Sadly, I can’t. I went to work today even if it’s a Sunday. I wasn’t able to wait for 3am because I need sleep so that I could work efficiently. I decided to take a picture of the moon before it hits 3am.

The image was cropped. In order to give emphasis on the moon.

New Starbucks Logo

It’s been a while since my last coffee with Starbucks. I only noticed it today that they already implemented their new logo. They removed the Starbucks Coffee wordings.

They told me that they started implementing this last March 8 and that it is still on a beta test phase. I wonder what are they testing it about? Do they feel that someone will complain to them because it’s not Starbucks Coffee anymore? O.o

Instagr.am Effect

I got bored in the middle of my overtime that I decided to bring out my camera to shoot something near me. First thing I saw were Paolo’s Minion Toys from Despicable me.

Instagr.am is an Iphone application where-in you take a photo of something and it will render some kind of lomo/retro effect into it. I don’t really have an Iphone so I decided to do the lomo/retro effect on my own via Photoshop.

I got Jealous! LOL

Elevator 6

Most of the people in my office knows about the dreaded elevator 6. Of all the elevators in the office, this one is the most scariest to ride on. I had past experiences where it suddenly stops, or i decreases floor from the 27 down to 23 in a snap.

On my way to my floor, I hopped on this elevator going up. Like what happened in the past, it suddenly stopped somewhere between the 23 and 24th floor. Then it resumed all the way ‘till my station floor.

I need to stop riding this elevator.

Infested Elevator

I went home late today. I had to stay at work to finish up some project modules. I took this shot before I left the office. When I got home, I decided to play with it a little bit.

I added a bit of green to give it a bit of germ-like infestation

All Systems Go

It’s time to take everything to the next level. I am going to attend another workshop starting next week. I need to take my craft to a whole new game play.

I paid for the reservation fee earlier today

Extreme Heat

Monday started with a very warm welcome. The cooling system of the office were busted. We were literally sweating while working. Even though I have my trusty office electric fan, a Seatle’s Best Javanilla Drink and a bottle of water, I am still unable to work because of the sweating and the ambiance that the heat is emitting.

By 3pm, the HR decided to allow us to leave for home. Either way, I won’t be able to work in that kind of environment. I left at exactly 3:30pm.

It wasn’t a bad day after all.


I had a haircut today. Nothing special. I love how the wind passes between my ears now. :)

The picture above is a fail vanity attempt. I miss camwhoring. Where are you my camwhore friends? :D

World Crossover

Today was my scheduled photoshoot with my office friends. The original plan was to shoot a bleach theme in an office environment. Unfortunately, there were issues regarding shooting in the office premises that aren’t part of any office activity.

We decided to change our venue to Trina’s condo. It was a great place. White walls were perfect for bouncing / diffusing light. It was big enough for two lights setup. One was mine, the others were for Pat and Drei (Trina’s other photographer friends).

We ended our shoot with the movie Rango. I was too tired from the shoot that I am falling asleep while the show is going on. Either that or it was so boring. Quoting Yen, “There were no cute characters.”

Matching Shoes

Today was somewhat a different day. 4 of us are wearing the same brand of shoes (Chucks). Plus I have seen several others wearing them as well. This is some kind of a normal thing since chucks is really a popular brand. Today was just different because 4 of us from the same team are wearing them at the same time. (only 3 were seen in the picture)

Today is Payday. Usually we have lunch-outs during payday. Today however is a bit different. I arrived at work by lunch time (half-day). The rest of my team are in Greenbelt having the usual lunch out. I decided not to join them because I am saving up for some things I want. The rest of my salary would go to my bills.

So in order to celebrate this payday, I decided to treat myself with a Zentea instead.


After doing several still photography and a few food photograhy, I realized that I am enjoying shooting them as well as I enjoy portrait photography. Earlier today, I came into a decision to sell my Sigma 50mm 1.4 and change it to a 60mm 2.8 Micro. The 60mm focal length is still good for portaiture and the 2.8 would still produce good bokeh and separation. The Micro capabalities would be helpful when I shoot stills or food. All in all it’s a win-win for me.

should I need a faster lens for indoor low-light shooting, I’d get a 50mm 1.8 too. But that’s not part of plan A right now.